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BlueBenu eco-fuel is in line with the new regulations and environmental policies once it has minimum sulphur content, and provide a reduction in CO2 footprint by the recycling of the plastic waste into a new […]

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Imagine a world without waste!


Today waste management systems are not able to recycle most of the material rescued from the oceans and open environment. The reason for that is due to the difficult processing of degraded, unsorted, and dirty plastic waste, often also mixed with other types of organic matter. At the same time, it has been quite challenging to engage the community and the industry in fostering environmental cleanup due to the low value that is given to waste resources, and poor education in terms of handling waste in several communities all over the globe. What if we could change this situation?

Imagine a world without plastic pollution! Where a waste-to-energy technology is deployed in decentralized production units able to process in a controlled smart process with zero-waste and zero-emissions. These units would be cheap and easy to implement even in remote areas or small communities with poor waste management systems, tackling the root cause of the environmental crisis of waste pollution and creating socio-economic value, engaging and educating the community towards a circular economy.

BlueBenu is developing a lead technology for mixed waste treatment that allows decentralized implementations and various solutions to waste management. The Modular Production Units (MPU) are composed by a container-sized structure that holds the reactors and tanks. The crude-oil production of the MPUs are refined into eco-crude oil and virgin petrochemicals, which is converted in socio-economic value on a rewarding system that exchanges kilograms of plastic waste to rewarding points and discount on purchasing.

We are inspired by nature! By this, we envision waste as a prime matter that can be converted into valuable products and further reintegrated in the system. In this way, we approach to waste management through the lens of the circular economy, aiming to close cycles in order to foster sustainability. We work towards nine of the seventeen UN-SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

  • Reduce waste on the environment
  • Provide clean energy (eco-fuels)
  • Foster Circular Economy
  • The future relies on innovation
  • Partnerships lead us further
  • A global approach to sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity