About Us

We are a startup company, currently based in Denmark and our business model is set on three pillars of sustainability (Economic, Environmental, and Social) as well as on the idea of waste management and resources recirculation, towards a circular economy. We are developing a disruptive solution that can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world!

Thus, in order to tackle global challenges, we aim to produce eco-fuel for the maritime industry using plastic waste rescued from the oceans, in a controlled and smart process with a zero-waste approach. We believe in a sustainable future where the alternative fuels are the base for all companies instead of fossil-fuels thus, reducing the pollution from gas emissions and managing polluting waste.

We comply with 9 of the 17 UN Sustainable Goals. Our Vision, Mission, and Values are built on principles that foster innovation, the production of clean energy, and the reduction of residues. We believe that collaboration and partnership are key for creating value and for developing meaningful solutions. The challenge is huge but together we can solve it!