BlueBenu is developing a disruptive solution that allows the conversion of marine plastic debris into eco-fuel for the shipping industry. With our conversion process, we deploy pro-environmental actions by converting the plastic into eco-fuel, using a clean, controlled, and smart technology with a zero-waste approach.

The produced eco-fuel is in line with the new regulations and environmental policies since it has minimum sulfur content, and provide a reduction on CO2 footprint by the recycling of the plastic waste into a new valuable product. The purpose of BlueBenu process is to produce and modify the generated eco-(crude)oil to a final product i.e. eco-diesel, which can be used in the maritime industry without modifications to engines or other established infrastructure.

The quality of the eco-fuel will be certified by specialized laboratories, and pre-sale trials will include testing in existing vessels. Furthermore, our business model based on a circular economy approach, enabling the customers to comply with current legislation related to environmental pollution such as for gas emissions. Pioneering this technology in the maritime sector opens an innovative mindset since shipping industry holds opportunities far beyond these scopes.