Maritime Disruptors Academy

We will be participating in the Maritime Disruptors Academy this Autumn.

The Academy is a four-day course and a new educational program for participants from all parts of the maritime industry. It is part lectures, where the participants will get a detailed introduction to new technologies and trends that have the potential to change shipping significantly. In addition, there’s an active element, where the participants use their new knowledge in workshops. The purpose of the Academy is to provide the shipping industry with a better understanding of how they best navigate in a constantly changing world and how they work strategically with new technologies and new digital options.

BlueBenu was invited to collaborate on the shipping quest for sustainable solutions and scenarios for 2030. We will be participating, together with the shipping industries, in the second round of the Maritime Disruptors Academy will be held with the first module on 27 and 28 August 2018, and the second module on the 10 and 11 September.

Maritime Disruptors Academy II Programme_Danish Shipping