BlueBenu eco-fuel is in line with the new regulations and environmental policies once it has minimum sulphur content, and provide a reduction in CO2 footprint by the recycling of the plastic waste into a new valuable product. The consumption of our eco-fuel and circular economy approach enables the customers to comply with current legislation related to environmental pollution such as gas emissions. Furthermore, our eco-fuel is produced through a clean process with a zero-waste approach, enabling the social, the economical, and the environmental aspects of sustainability. Thus, the BlueBenu proposition allows the customers to better position themselves in the market as sustainable companies, by establishing connections to the UN-SDG.

At the same time, the technology provides a unique value for partner companies that collect marine debris. Pioneering this technology in the maritime sector is a foothold with a platform with possibilities far beyond these scopes. The recirculation of waste plastic and organic waste back into raw materials including eco-fuels, while consuming no chemicals, only energy, holds promise in multiple fields.