The team core competency is within product development, environmental sciences, residual resource engineering, and chemistry of sustainable energies and biofuels. The solution is based on the combination of the team members skills set and expertise, together with our interest for sustainable solutions and our commitment towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and International Maritime Organization (IMO) guidelines.

Co-founder - Chief Executive Officer, Team Manager & Researcher in Materials Engineering

    Kamila Kunrath CEO & Director

    Co-Founder - Chief Operating Officer, Operations in Product Development & Researcher in Risk Assessment for innovation

      Sarah Lasso COO & Project Manager

      Co-Founder - Chief Technology Officer, Lead Researcher on Eco-Fuel development

        Albert Kravos CTO & Lead Engineer

        Co-Founder - Chief Information Officer, Data Analyst, Bioenergy Researcher & Sensors Specialist

          Karl Haxthausen CIO & Data Analyst

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            Venture Cup Mentor Program, a specialist in business economics and investment.

              Svend Joensen Venture Cup Mentor & Business Analyst

              Mentor, a specialist in the UN-SDGs and in Energy Innovation Systems Economics

                Lourenço Faria Post-doc in Economics & Innovation

                Mentor, a specialist in Corporate Sustainability Management and Business Model innovation

                  Francesco Rosati Ass. Professor in Sustainable Business

                  Mentor, a specialist in thermodynamic simulations and on the evaluation of waste heat recovery on ships engines.

                    Enrico Baldasso PhD in energy recovery for Maritime

                    Advisory Board

                    Advisor, a specialist in entrepreneurship and business models development.

                      John Heebøll Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management

                      Advisor, a specialist in the bio-based technologies and economy.

                        Andreas Worberg Director at Novo Nordisk Foundation for Biosustainability

                        Advisor, a specialist in business development and Oil & Gas industry.

                          Jane Pedersen Senior Business Developer at DTU Chemistry for Oil & Gas

                          Advisor, a specialist in entrepreneurship and Strategy Design.

                            Suzana Barbosa Facilitator for business development at Venture Cup