We are a startup company, currently based in Denmark and our business model is set on three pillars of sustainability (Economic, Environmental, and Social) as well as on the idea of waste management and resources recirculation, towards a circular economy. We are developing a disruptive solution that can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world!

Thus, in order to tackle global challenges, we aim to produce eco-crude oil and other virgin petrochemicals. We are working to process organic and plastic waste, from the open environment, collected from municipalities, from the industry and rescued from the oceans, in a controlled and smart process with a zero-waste approach.

We believe in a sustainable future where the waste potential is fully used creating new opportunities, such as for example alternative fuels as the base for all companies instead of fossil-fuels thus, reducing the pollution from gas emissions and managing polluting waste.

We comply with 9 of the 17 UN Sustainable Goals. Our Vision, Mission, and Values are built on principles that foster innovation, the production of clean energy, and the reduction of residues. We believe that collaboration and partnership are key for creating value and for developing meaningful solutions. The challenge is huge but together we can solve it!



CSE/CBS Proof Program (Copenhagen, DK,)

Skylab Ignite (Copenhagen, DK)

Venture Cup Mentor Program (Copenhagen, DK)

Founders of Tomorrow (Copenhagen, DK)

Climate-KIC LaunchPad Bootcamp (Copenhagen, DK)

Maritime Disruptors Academy (Copenhagen, DK)

GreenTech Challenge (Copenhagen, DK)


Design Terminal PowerCamp (Budapest, HU)

Design Terminal Mentor Program (Budapest, HU)



Opening Oceans Conference (Copenhagen, DK)

Pioneers (Viena, AT)

Marine Litter workshop (Akureyri, IS)

CBS/CSE Entrepreneurial Day (Copenhagen, DK)

*Finalist: National Startup Competition from Venture Cup (Copenhagen, DK)

*Finalist: University Startup World Cup (Copenhagen, DK)

High-tech Summit (Copenhagen, DK)

Venture Cup Expo (Copenhagen, DK)

*Nordic Finalist: Climate-KIC LaunchPad (Malmo, SE,)

Sea Dev Con (Hamburg, DE)

TechBBQ (Copenhagen, DK)


Finalist: Nordic Cleantech Open Top 25 (Malmo, SE)

7Seas Summit GreenTech Challenge (Lisbon, PT)



Green Business Bureau – “BlueBenu Takes On Waste in the World’s Oceans”

TNW Energy Startup Landscape

Startup Warf Landscape of Maritime Startups and Scaleups

Revista de Marinha (PT) – “O lixo plástico e a criação de valor para a indústria marítima”


Bootstrapping.dk (DK) – “Genbrugsplast skal være billigere end at lave nyt”


Katapult State of Impact: Twenty to Watch in the Nordics

Nordic Cleantech Open Top 25 best and most innovative new clean technologies and ideas from the Nordics and the Baltics

Programs 2019:

Danish Tech Challenge

InnoFounder (Cohort 5)


Events/Competitions 2019:

Finalist: BrainBar Blastoff (Budapest, HU)

Design Terminal DemoDay (Budapest, HU)

GreenTech Horizon Scan for Ocean Technologies (Copenhagen/DK)

Djøf Forum: Business og bæredygtighed (Copenhagen/DK)

TechBBQ (Copenhagen/DK)

Hightech Summit (Copenhagen/DK)

Presentations/Talks 2019

Future Tech Future Society ” Entrepreneurship against plastic waste” by Sarah Lasso (Copenhagen/DK)

CSE/CBS “Tech & Ethics” by Sarah Lasso (Copenhagen/DK)

Homebrew Cleantech Club “Presenting BlueBenu” by Kamila Kunrath (Copenhagen/DK)

Skylab startup night by Albert Kravos (Copenhagen/DK)

Skylab Pizza & startups by Albert Kravos (Copenhagen/DK)